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Vinod Gupta Internationally Recognized Self-Made Millionaire

July 9, 2018


The University of Nebraska alumni and self-made millionaire, Vinod Gupta was born in a very small town in Rampur Maniharan, India. Like most self-made millionaires, Vinod Gupta understands hard work and persistence is what it takes to be successful in anything in life. Growing up poor, Vinod Gupta would eventually build a successful business worth $ 680 million.


Gupta attended the Indian Institute of Technology where he was an agricultural engineering major. Gupta eventually sought greener pastures in the United States where he would eventually earn a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering in Lincoln, Nebraska at the University of Nebraska. However, after college, Vinod Gupta would find himself a marketing research analyst at Commodore Corporation. The home construction company hired Mr. Gupta to help grow the business and through marketing stimulate more sales.


Gupta created an innovative way of finding new business opportunities, during a time where there were no internet search engines. Vinod Gupta created a business to business list of companies with a high likelihood of landing more contracts and sales if marketed to. Get Additional Information Here.

Vinod Gupta borrowed $ 100, which he used to create marketing materials to target these potential customers. This turned out to be a huge success that by in 1972 Gupta founded his own company, American Business Information. American Business Information became a popular tool for other business seeking growth, which is the desire of most businesses. This eventually lead to the company’s rapid growth and by 2010, the company would become an international resource for companies globally and be bought for $ 680 million.


He also established the Ben Gupta Endowed Fund for International Legal Education. This was named after his son. This scholarship helps students in developing countries to get degrees in JD or LLM as well as those that want to go to law school.



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