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Shiraz Boghani; An Admirable Investor

May 22, 2018

Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur who has been in the hospitality industry for years. His growth in investment is attributed to his experience, knowledge, and skills he has. Over the years he has grown to be a dynamic entrepreneur whose passion in hotelier has been a drive to most of his achievements. On his early age in the industry, he got the opportunity to serve for several decades in the hotel industry. As a result, he acquired skills that have boosted his grown in investment.

With time Shiraz Boghani has started many hospitality ventures which have thrived all over the country. He has become known as he does his businesses in a spectacular manner which is admirable by many. For instance, he is the chair of Splendid Hospitality Group. The group comprises of several hotels that provide effective services. It opens the channel to accommodate different kinds of people with different tastes.

In the venture, he has been of great impact as he has influenced the growth of many firms thriving the economy. Shiraz Boghani is also a founder of many hospitality companies which has made him respected all over the country and beyond. It is because of how he manages the companies and the benefit they bring to the community that led to his award. He acquired an award for being the best hotelier some few years back through the Asian Business Awards.

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The recognition he has gotten has paved the way to invest more and even work with other people resulting to upgrade to a higher degree of achievement. For instance, he got selected as the chair of Sussex health care, which is known for providing services and Medicare to the community. It is also known to target the less fortunate, the disabled and the old people in the community in most cases. Sussex Health Care has grown to have many branches that make reaching out to the people easier.

To conclude, Shiraz Boghani is seen to be an investor who purposes to create a difference in the community through his investments. He believes in the art of giving back to the society. For this reason, his business ventures are mostly those which provide services to the people. The evident is seen in his ventures in the hospitality industry. Moreover, he has ventured into charitable investments such as of healthcare through Sussex Health Care. These instances are some of the vivid description and evidence of the great person he is.

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