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Shafik Sachedina: Selfless Leadership

March 6, 2018

Every person has a unique quality that sets him or her apart from the crowd and defines who they are. It is often our talents that define our lives, but sometimes it is our character and our behavior that leave a lasting impression on the people we interact with. In a world where good people are hard to come by, it is even harder to find a talented person who is also blessed with an agreeable personality. The reality is, some people have difficult personalities, but we put up with them if they are talented or famous.

Shafik Sachedina is an exception; not only is he a very gifted dentist, but he is also a good leader. Shafik is a dental surgeon currently working with Jamati Institutions. He also owns Sussex Health Care, which is a health care and support services firm.

Early Life and Education

Shafik was born in 1950, in Tanzania. His family lived in the capital, Dar es Salaam, and this is where Shafik received his early education. He became a qualified dental surgeon in 1975 after successfully graduating from the University of London’s Guy’s Medical and Dental School.

Sussex Healthcare

Shafik founded Sussex Health Care in the early 90s, with the company’s focus being the provision of customized care and health services. In 2002, the company got its accreditation from Health Quality Services. The company experienced steady growth under the leadership of Shafik. Sussex Health Care became the first privately owned care provider to receive HQS accreditation and ISO certification.

The company uses an unconventional method to provide health services. They promote the idea that good health is much more than the absence of illness. The company incorporates leisure and recreation activities into their health services, and this helps many of their clients lead a healthy life. The company employs highly trained professionals to run their care homes. Shafik Sachedina has made Sussex Health Care into one of the best healthcare providers in the UK.

The Institute of Ismaili Studies

Shafik does a lot of voluntary work. He is currently responsible for the coordination of programs and events for the Ismaili Community Institutions. He also acts as a conduit between the Aga Khan Development Network and the Central Asian Ismaili Community institutions. He does a lot of high profile voluntary work for the Ismaili community, of which he is a member.


Shafik Sachedina is a remarkable entrepreneur who has made an impact in the health sector, but he still finds time to do voluntary work for his community. He is a good example of a perfect blend of talent and good character.

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  1. Something about Shafik made me to like him the first time and I think that his ideologies in education is of good intent. His focus on career makes to be seen as a good example as well since some of the work that he does goes back to affect peoples lives greatly. Creating communities that have that support is really something that we love to have and it should be a challenge as well.

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