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Roseann Bennett: Using Dogs As Therapy

July 13, 2018


Kids love puppies – they’re normally attracted to their sociability and fun-loving nature. Although the advantages of having a pet have for quite some time been acknowledged, there’s a new way that dogs are being utilized to enhance the lives of individuals; canine-assisted therapy. Specialists like Roseann Bennett have had extraordinary success when utilizing “man’s best friend” to assist customers with their issues.


She is also the Co-founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, which has been successfully using canine-assisted therapy for some time. There’s an important reason for knowing why Bennett needed to integrate therapeutic dogs into her profession; what they can do to enhance a client’s life, what breeds make incredible therapy dogs, and who can benefit by working with them.


While working with youngsters, Roseann Bennett initially became inspired by canine-assisted treatment. Mutts give a sense of security to youngsters, since they seem calming to them. A kid usually feels acknowledged and never judged by a canine and influencing a kid to feel great is one of the initial phases in inspiring them to open up. Visit This Page to learn more.


Therapeutic dogs are unique in relation to service dogs, which is the thing that the vast majority considers when they think of trained therapeutic dogs. In most cases, therapeutic dogs are trained to assist people with special needs. Therapy dogs then again are intended to address emotional necessities – they are especially valuable for individuals with anxiety issues or autism. Their utilization achieves physical advantages too.


The many mental advantages are one reason why Roseann Bennett is keen on different therapy methods, including therapeutic dogs, into their practices. In addition to the advantages as previously discussed, including decreased anxiety, battling depression, and simply calming an individual, it can also be an effective method for enhancing one’s communication skills, helping them to feel less isolated and may even enable them to recuperate much faster than they may have without a therapy dog.


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