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Robert Santiago Designed Malls That Transformed Entire Neighborhoods

June 8, 2018

Robert Santiago is a classic example of a visionary entrepreneur. He designed both the Manaira and Mangabeira Shopping malls located in Joao Pessoa. These malls provide the capital with excellent options for leisure. Robert Santiago is the son of a renowned businessman and was born in Joao Pessoa. He was educated at the Pio X Marist College and UNIPE. He launched his career at Cafe Santa Rosa prior to gaining the experience and knowledge responsible for his becoming a highly successful entrepreneur.


The first great venture of Roberto Santiago was the Manaira Shopping mall. The inauguration took place in November of 1989. The tourists and residents of Joao Pessoa made his vision a success. The mall resides between the north coast beaches of the city and the Manaira district. There are 75 thousand square meters acting as home for over 280 stores. This selection includes a food court, concert hall, bowling alley, amusement park, sporting goods, bank branches, children’s and adult fashions, a gourmet space and academies.


The top draws of the mall include the Game Station and the movie theatre. The video and audio equipment features the latest technology and eleven rooms are air conditioned. The VIP rooms offer a Stadium system, armchairs arranged similar to bleachers and a very enticing experience. The amusement park is called the Game Station. Every taste is satisfied with over 200 machines. There is even a lovely ballroom and an electronic bowling alley.


Domus Hall is the crown of the venture. The hall is air conditioned and contains 4,000 seats. The enviable structure has incredible acoustic and sound equipment and special spaces for VIP’s. The hall receives numerous special events including theatrical shows, lectures, conventions and weddings.


The Mangabeira Shopping mall is Joao Pessoa’s second most amazing shopping center. The mall was created in the Mangabeira neighborhood. The architecture is both cosmopolitan and modern. The inauguration took place in November of 2014. This provided many jobs in the area as well as a nice leisure option. Within a few days after the mall opened the doors more than 350,000 potential customers had already registered. The businessmen and shopkeepers looked favorable at the center. When Mangabeira first opened, some stores had five times more business than any other stores throughout the country.


Both malls worked favorably together. Roberto Santiago stated less than five percent of the customers of the Manaira Shopping mall would be lost to the Mangabeira. He was proven correct when the growth every year reached between ten and fifteen percent. The newest mall helped transform the neighborhood of Mangabeira beautifully. Prior to the mall the neighborhood consisted of only homes. Today there are shops, residential buildings and an excellent trade built up around the mall.