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Vinod Gupta Internationally Recognized Self-Made Millionaire

  The University of Nebraska alumni and self-made millionaire, Vinod Gupta was born in a very small town in Rampur Maniharan, India. Like most self-made millionaires, Vinod Gupta understands hard work and persistence is what it takes to be successful in anything in life. Growing up poor, Vinod Gupta would eventually build a successful business […]

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Shervin Pishevar: Uncertainty in Washington

Shervin Pishevar discussed the uncertainty in Washington D.C. There is no surprise that the political landscape is changing. It always has, but the Internet and a real global economy are bringing about a new world, unlike anything that has been known before. More people recognize this than are willing to openly discuss it. Shervin Pishevar […]

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Shiraz Boghani; An Admirable Investor

Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur who has been in the hospitality industry for years. His growth in investment is attributed to his experience, knowledge, and skills he has. Over the years he has grown to be a dynamic entrepreneur whose passion in hotelier has been a drive to most of his achievements. On his early […]

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Tips for Launching Political Campaigns

Launching a political campaign is a goal of many people who want to make a change or create laws and decisions within their state or country. Going about launching a political campaign should be handled appropriately to make your campaign as successful as possible. Here is a list of different things you can do to […]

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