NGP Van Software Offers Tips in Today’s Political Canvassing

July 18, 2018

Canvassing during a political campaign is to personally meet voters and promote the political candidate. NGP Van is a software company used by today’s modern Democratic campaigns. There are many methods for conducting political cavassing.

Canvassing isn’t just knocking on doors and convincing voters to vote for your candidate. NGP has apps, making this easier. One tip is write smarter scripts. GOTV Scripts can help you with the structure that will help you put your political views out there for the voter. You can use branch scripts to keep from sounding like a robot. Many computer programs have used a similar branch script for their template. If your prospective voter answers a particular way, take this point of view. Your prospective voter wants to know that you’re listening to his needs. You need to meet the needs of your voter. If any voters need to get a ride to the polls, make sure you get a ride them to and from the voting site.

MiniVan makes sure that you have real-time data and makes it easy to quickly enter what you have learned from prospective voters. You can see members of your team soliciting people. It’s also important to use your software to make sure everyone on your team is being accountable and doing their jobs. Training is important. A very important tip is role-playing. Role-playing allows team members to play cavasser and voter, getting over being fearful of talking to people about your candidate.


Mark Sullivan co-founded NPG Van in 2001. The privately owned company is based in Washington, District of Columbia and Somerville, Mass. The Software is used only by the Democratic party. Members of the Democratic Congress use this software, staying on the pulse of their constituency. Most recently, the campaigns of Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders. and Hillary Clinton have used NPG Van software. Nathaniel Pearlman created the software used by NPG Van. Current NPG Van CEO, Stuart Trevelyan tested out the software in 1992 during the Clinton-Gore presidential campaign. State and local campaigns use NGP Van software less often than federal campaigns because it’s too expensive.