NGP VAN Leading the Effort to Improve Canvassing for Progressive Causes

July 23, 2018

NGP VAN is a leading political software developer dedicated to assisting fundraising and organizing for progressive campaigns and organizations such as labor unions. In addition to providing software, NGP VAN provides practical advise to its clients based on its years of political experience. Canvassing for supporters is one of the areas that NGP VAN advises its clients on. NGP VAN believes that canvassing is critical to campaigns because it allows the campaign to physically interact with voters in communities that may not otherwise engage with the campaigns or vote for the progressive candidate. While canvassing is difficult and requires a great deal of effort on the part of the campaign, NGP VAN advises that quality of canvassing is more important than the quantity of canvassing. It is more important to engage with voters on a smaller scale than to engage with a large amount of voters in a way that does not turn out many voters.

With a focus on quality campaigns should be able to write smarter scripts for their canvassers that create authentic conversations with voters. Furthermore, NGP VAN offers campaigns the necessary technology to prefect mobile canvassing. Through mobile canvassing the people on the ground can input data in real time as they move from home to home. This helps the campaign avoid hitting the same area in too short of a period of time. This helps the campaign focus on quality campaigning rather than a scorched earth method.


Through technology such as the MiniVAN app campaigns may also target important demographics such as the LGBTQ community. The MiniVAN app accomplishes this by allowing campaigns to identify LGBTQ voters by inputting data that does not require the campaign to identify the voter through traditional gender pronouns. This is a feature that is not available in traditional political apps and gives progressive campaigns using NGP VAN technology an edge over opponents that may ignore this vital demographic.