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Mark Mofid- Innovating Exciting Possibilities

June 22, 2018

Dr Mark Mofid believes that there is a need for highly skilled, reputable and trained doctor regardless of whether you need elective plastic surgery or preventive medicine. He focuses on science, safety, and results and he is well-renowned in the cosmetics medical community for his continuing education and innovation life. Mark Mofid went to Johns Hopkins and Harvard University the most prestigious and famous institution for producing highly qualified doctors. In Harvard University he achieved his undergraduate medical degree, and at School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, he received the postdoctoral fellowship. Beyond his high education, he has demonstrated his unique ability to being industry innovators and has earned trustworthy for adhering to the safety of medical practices.

Dr Mark Mofid has embraced the gluteal augmentation industry where the patients ask for the large implants, and he doesn’t take advantage of his clients and instead practices the safety of the procedure. Mark Mofid boasts of being board certified to perform plastic surgeon and works in the areas of La Jolla in California and also San Diego. Mark has his private practice office and also works as staff surgeons on different local hospitals like Palomar Medical Center, Sharp Chula Vista Medicals Center and the Scripps Memorial Hospital. Mark is the member of University of California clinical faculty and has written numerous publications about his reconstructive work on trauma and cancer survivors.

Dr Mofid has a high reputation for innovating cutting-edge medical practices that include a more in-depth understanding of a person body fat, skin and the muscles systems. He keeps constantly searching and researching on scientific innovations understanding the core value and safety of medicine. Dr Mark Mofid has developed different types of surgeries and reinvested the industry to high levels making cosmetic surgery comfortable and safe. Dr Mark Mofid is known to use the latest equipment and technology on his various surgical procedures to ensure his clients have short recovery times with minimal invasions options. His private medical office utilities the Cutera laser that helps his clients to undergo less discomfort with no downtime and receiving high levels of both psychological and aesthetic benefits of looking good and feeling better with plastic surgery.