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Entrepreneurship Through The Eyes Of William Saito

May 4, 2018

William Saito, an expert in finance and founder of a couple of software companies recently gave an interview where he talks about future investors and the difference between western and Asian markets. Saito has published many articles about financial planning to ordinary entrepreneurs and big establishments alike. His advice and suggestions are a quick access resource to accompany you throughout the journey of bringing an idea into the real world.


There are many things that William Saito points out to his clients about building a successful business. His advice is to overcome the initial fear, build confidence and take pride in the business as well as take control. In the interview, he shares difference between eastern and western market and notes the progress of Japan – home to the world’s most prolific and successful entrepreneurs. In other words, when it comes to cultural difference, western world where free enterprise was invented has the stability to face failure and considers it as a stepping stone for success compared to eastern world, says Saito. This is true as many men and women entrepreneurs in the west have succeeded by doing things again and again. Many of their companies have become well known. Through research and knowledge base on the internet as well as offline, he suggests to look at the market and realize that potential investors are keen to invest in the right company.

There is nothing more difficult or more risky than investing in a random concept with no proper infrastructure and investors are learning this truth the hard way after 2000’s recession. Vague ideas are making investors nervous because they bring the elements of uncertainty. William Saito’s advice to entrepreneurs is to be confident with their concept, and win over these investors through building lasting relationships. Along the way, they can expect to present the blueprint, market their products and services successfully and hire the right team for various departments. Finally, these entrepreneurs will learn more about the market’s supply and demand and additionally learn how to seek venture capital for further expansion. In each of these situations, entrepreneurs will have positive thinking met through proper guidance and encouragement. They will also learn to follow successful business model, engineering as well as scientific principle, patterns that are proven, that are feasible for real world. All in all, William Saito’s advice on finance and entrepreneurship has been helpful to people from all walks of life.