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Dr. Mark Mckenna: A True American Icon

June 21, 2018

Did you know that some of the most iconic people in society aren’t household names? This is very true and modern-day society provides a perfect example of how people are viewed by the public. Bringing progressive concepts to the table is something that most people can’t do, especially when it comes to helping mankind. Dr. Mark McKenna is the perfect example of this notion, but he has done many amazing things for society in general. Dr. McKenna was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has followed in the footsteps of his father by practicing medicine. While in college, McKenna got into real estate and was able to make a few purchases on abandoned properties that were in his local area. In order to do so, McKenna would use his medical training to fund these business ventures.

“I was moonlighting by providing physicals for correctional inmates,” said McKenna. This man would retain 100 percent of his earnings to buy real estate. The Tulane University Medical School graduate has earned an M.D., as well as earned his MDA. Dr. Mark McKenna is very accomplished, and his resume proves it to the highest degree. “After graduating from college, I worked at my father’s medical practice for five years,” said McKenna. During this point in time, he would venture into other categories by launching McKenna Venture Investments. This boutique-style real estate development firm was earning millions in revenue, and it was just one of the many side-businesses that he founded.

As of now, Dr. Mark McKenna has just launched an elective-healthcare facility in Atlanta. OVME provides fabulous treatments via minimal-invasive procedures, including Botox injections, hormonal therapy for women, laser hair removal, Juvederm treatments and many more. OVME has taken the game to a higher level thanks to its cutting-edge technologies. By using the company’s smartphone app, consumers can schedule appointments and can find top-notch medical personnel in the immediate area. These medical-aesthetic services can even take place at the individual’s home. If this isn’t innovative, then what is? Dr. Mark McKenna is on the fast-track to more success and OVME is his weapon of choice.