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Alex Pall: Earning His Stripes

August 1, 2018

Alex Pall makes up one half of the duo The Chainsmokers. Andrew Taggart makes up the other half. In 2016 the duo has become the talk of the music industry and now have become a worldwide sensation. A few years before they met Alex Pall was a DJ looking to get into the business. Andrew Taggart was doing the same thing as a side job. When the two met it was meant to be. They understood what the other brings to the table and know how to hit the right note with fans. Songs like Roses and Don’t Let Me Down are proof of this concept. When Alex and Andrew talked with Interview magazine, they discussed their careers and working on their newest single called Closer.

Alex Pall says that when he met Andrew Taggart he know that it would work out great for both of them. He says they would get together each day and talk about their lives and the type of music that each liked. He says they were both driven and determined people trying to find their niche in the music industry. Alex says they covered a lot of ground when it came to building their identities as artists but all of the hard work has begun to pay for them. Now they have worked with one of the hottest artists in the business today and her name is Halsey.

Pall said that when it came to working with Halsey is a really cool experience. She was the type of artist that they like working with because she doesn’t hold back her voice when she works in the studio. Pall said that working with her will be able to broaden their audience and that is what they are looking to do.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart worked hard to make The Chainsmokers what they are today. They have earned their stripes to get to the top of the industry. They will continue to push themselves to make something unique and different every time out. That is the way they are.