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A Review of Nick Vertucci’s Book and Entrepreneurial Experience

July 30, 2018

Nick Vertucci originates from an average family where his father had died. Therefore, his mother had to take over the family business. He was passionate in the field of entrepreneurship and worked to get money for his freedom. His first book was titled “Seven-Figure Decisions”. He is the chief executive officer of a Real Estate Academy bearing his name. There are several locations across the US and have developed to be one of the fastest growing facilities that handle real estate management.

Nick Vertucci has designed his purpose and passion from his interests in the scope of real estate education. He continues to inform many regarding ways in which one can gain financial freedom and stability. He has assisted investors in rehabbing, acquiring, and leasing assets.

His book takes to account and guides on how he lost almost everything and learned to overcome his fears. It depicts on altering the mindset and rebuilding his fortune. The Amazon bestseller as a rating of five stars had already sold some copies. He explains the critical steps about the foundation of life-changing opportunities that enable one to build an effective and efficient business setting.

Nick Vertucci established his career at the age of majority and sold computer accessories. After losing much in the field of computer enterprise, he moved on to real estate management. Nick Vertucci made mistakes, but these were his lessons learned. He explains days when he underwent a severe depression but later came out stronger. He built a strong mental foundation and assembled it with a drive to financial independence. He continues to hope that his book serves as a guideline to those undergoing hardships, especially in a business setup. Nick holds annual seminars to educate parties on understanding the whole ideologies behind real estate management.Find out more about Nick Vertucci: